There are four books; Preliminary HSC Mathematics, HSC Mathematics, Preliminary HSC Extension 1 Mathematics and HSC Mathematics. The Preliminary Mathematics books each contain 120 multiple choice questions with answers. The HSC Mathematics books each contain 150 questions with answers.

The solution to each question is provided in video format which is located HARDER HSC VIDEOS The books proceed by term and follow the NSW Board of Studies suggested development. Each set of ten questions follows the HSC examination format.


Students who complete all the books will then have a solid understanding of the standard required to achieve a high band result in these levels of the HSC Mathematics Examinations.

Currently there are 540 free videos that provide solutions for the four multiple choice books. All videos are advertisement free.


There are three books; HSC Mathematics, HSC Extension 1 Mathematics and HSC Extension 2 Mathematics. The first two cover the harder aspects of the HSC courses; Extension 2 focuses on the harder Extension 1 topics. Each book contains over 100 questions with fully worked solutions.
You may purchase the e-books for AU $15.00.

The HSC Examinations changed format in 2012. The Mathematics paper now has ten multiple choice questions (Section I) followed by six 15 mark questions (Section II). The HSC Style Mathematics books follow the Section II format. This allows students practice in answering questions in this format in their senior years.



Purchase the Flash Drive Collection which contains the following PDF’s:

Preliminary HSC Mathematics Multiple Choice Questions
Preliminary HSC Mathematics HSC Style Questions
Preliminary HSC Mathematics HSC Style Solutions
HSC Mathematics Multiple Choice Questions
HSC Mathematics HSC Style Questions
HSC Mathematics HSC Style Solutions

Video Solutions for the Multiple-Choice Questions are also provided. The price for the collection is $50. The flash drive collection may be purchased without the solutions. The price is $40

John Kinny-Lewis graduated from NSW University with a Bachelor of Science degree. He then was awarded his Teaching Certificate from Sydney Teachers College.

John has taught for over 45 years in the following schools: James Cook High, Meadowbank High, Greystanes High, Shore School, St. Andrews Cathedral School, All Saints’ College Bathurst, and SCECGS (Redlands).

In addition to teaching the Extension 2 Mathematics course for the HSC, John has also taught the Higher and Standard level courses in the International Baccalaureate.

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