You can now download free samples of EDITABLE Year 11 Advanced Mathematics, Functions (blackline master) for: the Multiple-Choice revision tests book and the HSC style questions book.

To edit the books for Mac users the software requirements are:

Microsoft Word for Mac Version 16.16.9
FX Draw-Tools (Mac)
MathType 7 for Mac

To edit the books for PC users the software requirements are:

Microsoft Word for Office 365FX Draw-Tools (Win)
MathType 7 for Windows

It is recommended that you trial the free samples before you purchase the complete books.

The Multiple-Choice Functions book contains 120 questions with answers and there are NO copyright restrictions.

The Functions book contains 144 HSC style questions with answers and there are NO copyright restrictions

As each PDF form of the topic of the Year 11 Advanced Mathematics course becomes available, it will also be available in an EDITABLE WORD form.


The PDF form of the topic contains: questions, answers andfully worked solutionsand sells for $20. The EDITABLE WORD form contains questions and answers and sells for $10.

The next topic in the series to become available in the EDITABLE form is Trigonometry.

The Multiple-Choice Trigonometry book will also become available as a PDF with fully worked solutions.

John Kinny-Lewis graduated from NSW University with a Bachelor of Science degree. He then was awarded his Teaching Certificate from Sydney Teachers College.

John has taught for over 45 years in the following schools: James Cook High, Meadowbank High, Greystanes High, Shore School, St. Andrews Cathedral School, All Saints’ College Bathurst, and SCECGS (Redlands).

In addition to teaching the Extension 2 Mathematics course for the HSC, John has also taught the Higher and Standard level courses in the International Baccalaureate.

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